mozdownload 1.8 released

We’ve just released version 1.8 of our Python package for downloading Mozilla builds. You can grab it from PyPI or you can install it using PIP from the command line: pip install mozdownload==1.8

You can see the change log for details of this release, but a few highlights are listed below.

  • Disable caching when fetching build information
  • Removed default timeout for downloads
  • Output details of matching builds
  • Filter potential build dirs by whether or not they contain a build

Many thanks go to the contributors for this release, not least of all Johannes, who is easily the most active contributor to mozdownload, having contributed 6 of the fixes in 1.8 alone! Thanks Johannes! Keep the fixes coming! 🙂

Mozilla application downloader released

This week part of the Automation Tools team have gathered at the London Mozilla Space to work on migrating our Firefox automated UI tests to Mozmill 2.0. A considerable part of this work is converting our automation scripts repository, which contains a number of packages that should really be dependencies. Our intention is to take these packages and either merge them to the appropriate mozbase packages, or configure them as suitable packages in their own right.

The first of these packages to be released independently is our impressive download script, which can be used to download a variety of Firefox or Thunderbird builds. We’ve appropriately name it mozdownload, and have released it on PyPI, and the repository can be found on github.

You can install it using pip install mozdownload or easy_install mozdownload and use mozdownload -h for a full list of command line options. A couple of simple examples are provided below:

To download the latest official Firefox release for your platform:

To download the latest official Thunderbird release for your platform:

Of course we don’t just use this to download the official releases. You can also download latest (or specific) builds from any of the channels with daily builds. Here are a few more examples for daily builds:

To download the Firefox Nightly build from 23rd May 2012:

To download the latest Thunderbird Daily build:

For Firefox there are daily builds for the mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora branches. For Thunderbird these are comm-central and comm-aurora.

Candidate builds can also be downloaded, so for example if you wanted to test a candidate build for the fourth beta of Firefox 13 you could use the following:

Finally, you can also download Tinderbox builds. For example, to download the latest tinderbox build use:

If you have any feature requests or find any issues please use github’s issue tracker.

Happy downloading!