BIDPOM drops support for Selenium RC

As all of the active Mozilla Web QA automation projects are now using WebDriver, there is no longer a need for BIDPOM (Browser ID Page Object Model) to support Selenium RC. I considered keeping this support purely for the community, however I would rather encourage anyone still using Selenium RC to upgrade to WebDriver.

If you require Selenium RC support then I recommend you fork the repository and continue to develop the RC page objects separately. The only difference you will notice if you’re upgrading to the latest version of BIDPOM is that you may need to import from pages now, rather than pages.webdriver.

FlynnID 0.2

In Tron, Flynn’s identity disc is the master key to getting onto the Grid. In the far less exciting real world, FlynnID is the key to registering a Selenium node to Selenium Grid. Yesterday I released FlynnID 0.2, which changes the usage from a list of optional arguments to a single expected argument: a configuration file. This means you can now register several nodes in one go. Below is an example configuration file.

Of course this does unfortunately mean that anyone upgrading from 0.1 may be a little surprised that the command line options have gone, but I strongly feel this is a better approach. This way, your configuration file can be backed up (or added to version control), and it’s much quicker to run. You can install/upgrade FlynnID using pip: pip install -U flynnid.